The Bar

By: Ashley Santora, Event Manager of Amanda Pierce Productions

Many times the bar is left out of the decor plans when budgeting for a wedding as most couples think that a bar ends and begins at "open bar."  However, when you pause and think about it, the bar is one of the most attended spots at your wedding. In fact, it may very well be the first and last stop for your guests.  At the bar, guests will socialize, drink too many libations, and thus, make some of the best memories of the night there.  So we propose, why not make the bar a statement piece at your wedding?

At the Gantry Loft, the bar stands as a classic blend between wood and steel.  Fully encompassing the look of industrial chic, it needs just a few little touches to make it a focal point.  

To begin, we love the idea of adding antique decanters and liquor bottles on the shelves.  Creating the feel of an intimate speak easy, place candles inside each glass bottle in varying heights.  The candles will illuminate the bottle details and add a special ambiance to the bar.  

With the lighting and mood set just right, allow guests to mingle at the bar in a picture perfect shot.  Imagine ivy draped across and in front of the bar adding that little bit of romance.  Draping ivy across the bar adds a certain je ne sais quoi that guests will be photographing and talking about, well after the wedding night!